Multi-Touch Attribution and CAC at your fingertips.

Track the full journey of each customer and measure the true impact of your marketing efforts.

Custom Multi-Touch Attribution Modeling

See a snapshot of your campaigns, cost and ROI in one dashboard.


Automatically Track Advertising Spend

Pull in campaign spending from Facebook and Adwords to compare performance.

See Your True ROI

Attribution is the only platform that pulls your cost data from ad platforms, correlates that cost to specific users, then tracks revenue from those users over time.

Eliminate Duplicate Tracking

Use multi-touch attribution models to accurately spread credit across ad platforms, social channels and content marketing. Get the full picture with first touch, last touch, linear and time decay attribution models.

Tracking Any Type of Spending

Apply any type of spending to any channel. Want to track ROI on a niche ad platform? No problem. Want to track the ROI of your social media consultants? We can do that too.

Drill down to individual users and events

See real customers with rich histories, not just numbers on a spreadsheet.

See Your Full Customer Story

Each customer tells an interesting story that you'll never get from a spreadsheet or an ad platform. Understand those stories and use them to power better marketing decisions.

Know Your Real Lifetime Value

Attribution lets you track both the revenue collected as it happens, and the revenue expected based on the account. You define your lifetime value and we track the ROI.

Track Real People Across All Devices

Our model is based on people, not devices, so you can seamlessly track customers across multiple devices, phones, and apps.

The Information You Need to Grow

Built on years of experience, and driven by savvy marketers like you.